Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Have a vast, global network of off-shore factories for high-mix-low-volume/low-mix-high-volume products
  • We offer complete contract manufacturing solutions customized for customers unique requirements
  • Our strategic production partners have well established vertically integrated manufacturing facility to provide one-stop shopping services to customers

Industrial Cooling Systems Airsys

  • Cooling solutions provider with products and engineering services designed to provide a wide variety of solutions
  • Highly trained technicians can assist clients through every step of the deployment process from design through maintenance
  • Over 50,000 WPUs and 12,000 FCBs installed worldwide

Lithium Batteries CosMX

  • One of the world’s top four suppliers of polymer Lithium-ion batteries
  • We advance material chemistries for high-performance Li-ion batteries
  • Material innovation leads to battery development, and high-quality batteries help our customers design popular products.