Mini controller

Same as it’s big-brother the Controller 2.0, the Mini-Controller comes with the unique patented (10-2020-0025669) “Followspot feature” that allows it to simultaneously remote-control multiple Spotlights to aim at the same target, and all of this with just the one joystick!
The Mini Controller is small, light, and connects uses only one USB cable to connect to a computer running the Virtual DMX board app.
  • Fully Customizable DMX512 Virtual Control Board
  • PC/MAC GUI Application allows customizing, automating
  • Multiple Lights can be simultaneously controlled to Followspot a moving Target via a single Joystick!
  • Followspotting in Visual mode, or with the help of our proprietary Moving Heads Followspot in Camera Mode
  • The Moving Head Controller Mini allows the user transforming Moving Heads into a custom Gobo projector, Remote Controlled Multi-Follow-Spot and Dance-Lighting effect; on the fly at the click of a button.
  • No need for a trained and/or dedicated operator.
  • The controller can interface with third party lights, Moving heads or any DMX compatible Device.
  • The controller can Daisey chain with existing systems as an add-on without disturbing the setup.
  • There is no perimeter restriction for the Followspot illumination.
  • The system is easy to install on a fixed location as well as a mobile setup.