Lighting SolutionsIntroduction

I2R Tech Lighting Solutions is offering a complete, Remote Controlled Followspot System, loaded with state-of-the-art features and so easy to use that no prior experience is needed!
Plug & Play : Pre-set / Pre-Tested / Pre-Programmed
  • 1 x DMX 512 Followspot Controller
  • 2 x 200W LED Moving Head Lights with 1080p camera
  • 1 x High gain Wi-Fi router
  • 3 x DMX D-Fi wireless links
  • USB 2.0 cable & accessories
  • Power & DMX cables
  • ATA Flight Box

Followspot System Modalities & Applications

"Sliders Mode" is best used to control simple DMX devices, such as a static LED Light,a smoke or fog machine, a bubble or snow machine, a firework machine, etc.
"PAN and TILT Mode" is best used in 3 types of applications
Spotlighting This is where one (or more) Lights are used to Spotlight static targets, such as a cake on a wedding, the sweetheart table, a big portrait, the drummer on a stage, etc.
Gobo Projection This is where the Light is used as a Monogram Projector on a static location, or moving from wall to wall to ceiling to floor, etc.
Custom Lightshows Sometimes it is required to make a customized Light show with specific gobos and colors aiming at specific directions. This modality allows for a fully customized show-making.
"Followspot Mode", this is best used in applications where a moving target needs to be followed with one or more lights at the same time, using just a single Joystick.

Parts List

Moving Head Lights (BSW 200)
Moving Head Lights (BSW 200)
DMX 512 Controller
DMX 512 Controller
ATA Flight Box
ATA Flight Box